Community Guidelines

Even though we’re generally against the man, we have to tell you about some rules of the road to make sure a couple of jerks don’t ruin SideTour for everyone. That said, we’ll try our best to make this as painless as possible for you.

Rules for Everyone

Be nice.

Be an adult. This means over 18. Sorry, kids!

Be clean. We don’t care if you showered today but don’t post anything obscene, profane or hateful.

Be respectful. Don’t use the public areas of your account or SideTour to discuss disputes with others or with SideTour.

Be lawful. Make sure you own the images, photos and videos that you post

Host Etiquette

Be creative! We want you to offer the best possible experiences but not everything is SideTour-friendly. If you post something that falls under these categories, we’ll have to remove it:

  1. Shady, illegal or unethical experiences.
  2. Escort services.
  3. Experiences that are intended to coerce or convert.

Think your experience is questionable? Shoot us a note and we’ll let you know: [email protected].

Follow the law and all real world rules and licenses.

Don’t be shady – if you’re posting on SideTour, we want people to buy your experience on SideTour. Don’t send people to other online venues to buy the same experience.

Show up earlier than your guests by at least 10 minutes.

Wait around at least 15 minutes for anyone that might be late.

Don’t expect to make any extra tips and don’t take extras if people offer them. Experiences should be priced fairly from the get-go, so encourage guests to comment, email, post, blog or tweet about your awesome experience instead!

Customer Etiquette

Get to your SideTour on time. Even though the host will wait at least 15 minutes for you, this is one time when it’s not cool to be fashionably late. You’ll miss out on some of the fun and if you get left behind, you’ll still be charged.

Don’t over-comment. Comments are great because they help people decide what experiences to go on and help hosts make those experiences better. Comments are not for chatting with your friends. Also, don’t be mean. If you have an issue with a host, please email them directly.

Please don’t tip. If you loved your experience, email, comment, blog or tweet about it instead!

Fee Policy

SideTour hosts keep 70% of the revenue (less credit card processing fees) for each completed booking.

Refund and Cancellation Policy

All ticket sales on SideTour are final. SideTour bookings cannot be cancelled or rescheduled.

However, each booking is transferable to another person for no additional cost. Guest names for all purchased spots can be updated in the "My Experiences" section.

By using SideTour, you agree to abide by the policies outlined here and in our Terms of Use.