Memorable Corporate Events

SideTour experiences are perfect for team building, client entertaining, or community events. Our team will comb through our one-of-a-kind offerings to help suggest the experiences and hosts ideally suited for your corporate needs. Every SideTour is hosted by skilled and talented experts with fascinating backgrounds, making each one as unique as your business.

Let our team help your team find your next great company event.

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Try something new. Together.

Explore your city.

SideTour takes your company or clients on a far-flung adventure without leaving the city. Go behind the scenes and into back kitchens, private studios, cultural enclaves and more.


Unwind with a twist.

Don't settle for ordinary. SideTour experiences are enlightening, exciting and totally immersive. We offer personalized recommendations to match the perfect experience with your company's needs.


Get a new perspective.

Enter the world of uniquely talented people who enjoy sharing their expertise. Learn something new or rediscover the familiar from a totally different perspective.


Here's what companies are saying:


Our SideTour was everything we hoped it would be. Our host was interesting, knowledgeable, and he helped us cook an excellent meal that none of us could've managed on our own. We cooked, we ate, we laughed, and drank way too much wine. It was perfect.

Peter DeNat - Community Director at Yelp


What makes SideTour shine is the quality of these immersive experiences and the level of attention you get from the team — it's the perfect way to wow your users.

Shelia Karaszewski - Community Manager at Airbnb


I've been on two different SideTours with two different teams of mine from Etsy and we had an incredible time. We all walked away having learned something about each other and something about our host.

Andrew Peterson - International Product Manager at Etsy


Our SideTour experience was really amazing! It was single-handedly the best thing we've ever done as a team.

Anna Frankel - Marketing Manager at Foursquare