Get Insider Access to Hollywood's Secret Weapons Depot in Soho

Take a sneak peak at the replica prop vault for movie and television shoots with the weapons experts at The Specialists.

Get Insider Access to Hollywood's Secret Weapons Depot in Soho
  • The Specialists Ltd fabricate replica weapons and props for Hollywood
  • The warehouse is closed to the public and tours are rarely, if ever, offered
  • Visit the production workshop and see the specialty guns in action

When Hollywood goes looking for a set of high-powered guns and bombs for use in movies, TV shows and video games, there’s usually one name they’re calling: The Specialists. Located among the boutiques and restaurants of Soho, The Specialists is a hidden replica weapons and props vault of massive proportions.

This full-service prop house maintains over 100,000 pieces and is the go-to place for everything and anything in replica weaponry. And these guys take their jobs very seriously. In fact, we worked for months to track them down and finally convince them to let us into their lair.

Once inside, we understood why. From Angelina Jolie’s SIG 552 in Salt to an array of guns and riot shields for the new Batman movie, to a full range of props for Law & Order, this armory houses the most wicked faux-weapons arsenal on the East Coast.

Now, you can get a behind-the-scenes peak at Hollywood’s most well-kept secrets, pack heat like some of the biggest stars, and experience first-hand how blank-firing guns are used on movie and TV sets.


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Steven Genna - Weapons Coordinator, Armorer

Steven Genna

Weapons Coordinator, Armorer

Steve Genna started target shooting from a young age and further developed his love of weaponry when he worked as an intern at the Ballistic Division of the Suffolk County Crime Lab on Long Island.

When he decided to pursue a career in weaponry, he began researching interesting companies and...

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