Eat, Pray, Move During a Rejuvenating Urban Yoga Retreat

Certified Yoga Instructor Erin Lewis will help you get away from the strain of New York life without leaving city limits.

Eat, Pray, Move During a Rejuvenating Urban Yoga Retreat
  • Experience serenity and unwind during a Central Park urban retreat
  • Multi-level yoga class that will satisfy beginners and experts alike
  • Enjoy a series of vegan snacks while learning about their individual health benefits

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to escape to an idyllic beach on a yoga retreat for a week? On a related note, wouldn’t it be wonderful if time, money and responsibility weren’t an obstacle?

Certified yoga instructor Erin Lewis is adapting her Mediterranean holiday getaways to Manhattan that will let you relax right here in the city. The mini “urban retreat” will encompass eating amazing cuisine, praying in mindful contemplation, and moving through powerful poses.

She’ll guide you through the techniques of walking meditation in Central Park and instruct an hour-long outdoor yoga class in an open field to help you loosen up. Afterward, you’ll enjoy an ultra-light meal of healthy foods hand-chosen and provided by Pure Bliss Eats to further benefit your newfound zen state and body-mind connection.

Cost of food is included in the price of the SideTour. Please bring your own mat. In case of adverse weather, attendees will be notified via email of an alternate date.


Meet the Host

Erin Lewis - Certified Yoga Instructor

Erin Lewis

Certified Yoga Instructor

Erin has studied various types of yoga disciplines for over 12 years and received her teacher certification in Florence, Italy where she previously lived and fell in love with the areas surrounding the Mediterranean.

Currently Erin combines powerful movements with more anatomical-based core...

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