Expand Your Cultural Horizons in Jackson Heights’ Little India

Walk, shop and eat your way through this unique neighborhood melting pot.

Expand Your Cultural Horizons in Jackson Heights’ Little India
  • Explore Jackson Height’s diverse ethnic culture through architecture, stores and food
  • Host Aseem Chhabra is a widely-published freelance journalist and Queens resident
  • Eat at Jackson Diner, a New York institution and neighborhood staple

Reason #8723 why we love New York: there are neighborhoods where you can watch Bollywood films, check out South Asian jewelry designers and shop in Pakistani candy stores, all in one place. The people living in this Queens-centric Little India melting pot epitomize the hardworking New York mentality, and no one is better qualified to guide you through the neighborhood than host, Aseem Chhabra.

Aseem Chhabra, a long-time Queens resident and respected journalist, has lived and worked in Jackson Heights for over seven years. As much a history lesson as a cultural immersion, this experience starts with a walking tour of the area’s “garden apartments”, continues with a mini-shopping spree and concludes with a traditional Indian lunch at Jackson Diner, all included in the cost of the SideTour.

Aseem previously led this tour of Jackson Heights annually for the 92nd Street Y to much acclaim. In 2009 the tour was profiled in the Daily News as a “taste of how people from different ethnic cultures – sometimes from feuding countries – could live and work together.”


Meet the Host

Aseem Chhabra - Writer, South Asian Affairs Expert

Aseem Chhabra

Writer, South Asian Affairs Expert

I'm a Queens-based freelance writer specializing in South Asian affairs. I've covered everything from the arts to politics for the New York Times, Boston Globe, Philadelphia Inquirer and Time Out New York. I'm also a frequent contributor to India Abroad -- the most widely circulated Indian...

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