Explore The Museum of Natural History on a Scavenger Hunt

Follow clues through fascinating museum exhibits as you race to uncover answers and outsmart the competition.

Explore The Museum of Natural History on a Scavenger Hunt
  • Jared Nissim is the director of Secret City, an urban scavenger hunt producer
  • See the museum in a new light as you race to solve clues and discover fascinating facts
  • Meet at a bar after to compare your answers and announce the winners

The American Museum of Natural History contains a vast array of exhibits—including huge meteorites, galaxies far away, bizarre life from the deepest parts of the ocean, fossils from prehistoric eras, gems and precious stones of all kinds and a seemingly infinite number of Earth critters on display. Race through endless corridors and discover hidden secrets about everything from the origins of life, to the inner workings of the planet as you plot your course to outsmart your competitors on this fascinating two-hour hunt.

Social gathering guru Jared Nissim founded several notable meet-up start-ups before becoming the director of Secret City. Since 2001, Secret City has been successfully staging interactive scavenger hunts designed to bring out your resourcefulness, creativity and strategic thinking—all while having fun and discovering new sides of New York City.


Meet the Host

Jared Nissim - Scavenger Hunt Mastermind

Jared Nissim

Scavenger Hunt Mastermind

Jared has been organizing social events and activities since he founded The Lunch Club in 2001 and then Meet The Neighbors in 2004. His endeavors have been featured in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, New York Post, Newsweek Magazine, Time Magazine and NBC News.

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