Explore the Vanishing Street Art Scene in Williamsburg

Experience Monster Island, an artistic institution in Williamsburg that’s being torn down to make way for a Whole Foods.

Explore the Vanishing Street Art Scene in Williamsburg
  • Rhiannon Platt curates a Bushwick gallery focused on street art
  • Experience Monster Island before it's destroyed and lost forever
  • Walk along the waterfront and see the artist murals and graffiti

Monster Island’s an awesomely grimy performance space, surf shop, and recording studio that’s exterior has given rise to some of Williamsburg’s most notable street artists. But not for long. Monster Island is soon to be evicted as part of a neighborhood redevelopment project that aims to gentrify the block with shops like Whole Foods.

Rhiannon Platt currently curates a street art gallery/store in Bushwick and writes for several blogs including Vandalog, one of the top street art blogs in the U.S. She’s passionate about documenting the rise and collapse of structures like Monster Island and wants to take you firsthand into the falling epicenter of Williamsburg’s street art.

Take a walk with Rhiannon as she points out the different artwork and structures that have defined this part of Brooklyn for the better part of a decade. She’ll walk with you past Monster Island and detail the collection of important murals covering the now-faded commercial building. As you continue along the waterfront, hear about the struggles plaguing Williamsburg artists as bigger developers and new condo buildings begin to overtake their former artistic playground.

This experience will be confirmed once at least 6 guests have booked.


Meet the Host

Rhiannon Platt - Independent Curator

Rhiannon Platt

Independent Curator

Rhiannon Platt is currently studying for her Master’s in Art History at CUNY. She’s focused on street art and has dedicated the majority of her professional and personal time to that type of artwork. Along with working for several local street artists including Clown Soldier and ND’A, Rhiannon’s...

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