Explore Vegan Indian Cuisine and Whip Up 3 Wholesome Meals

Get familiar with vegan Indian cooking as you create breakfast, lunch and dinner in the home of an Indian chef.

Explore Vegan Indian Cuisine and Whip Up 3 Wholesome Meals
  • Asha Ravada has over 30 years of Indian culinary experience
  • Visit Asha’s home to create a savory breakfast, satisfying lunch and sumptuous dinner
  • Discover the secrets of vegan Indian cuisine and bring home delicious dishes and useful recipes

With countless spices and herbs, dozens of regional styles and a wide range of international inspirations, Indian cuisine reigns supreme when it comes to sheer variety. But while vegetarian dishes are a staple of subcontinent fare, vegan creations are often overlooked. Explore the surprisingly wide world of vegan Indian cuisine at this hands-on workshop.

Asha Ravada is a lifelong chef committed to sharing her love of Indian food. She originally learned how to cook out of necessity, but that necessity soon turned into a passion. For the past four years, Asha has been running cooking classes out of her home, helping curious cooks create simple and healthy homemade meals.

Join Asha at home to make a nutritious breakfast, a light lunch and a protein-filled dinner, all using traditional Indian ingredients and techniques—and all 100% vegan. Kick off the session with tea, coffee or juice before grabbing a recipe sheet and following Asha’s lead to create mouthwatering dishes fit for a maharaja. You’ll leave touting a vegan recipe booklet as well as the delicious meals you made—perfect for sharing with family and friends.


Meet the Host

Asha Ravada - Indian Culinary Expert

Asha Ravada

Indian Culinary Expert

Asha Ravada first fell in love with cooking over 30 years ago. What started out as a duty (cooking for her family) soon turned into a hobby and, before long, a passion. Over the past few decades, Asha has honed her cooking skills, creating simple, fresh and, most importantly, healthy meals along...

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