Go Around the World in 80 Minutes on an Astoria Food Walk

Travel across four continents as you taste your way along some of the most diverse streets of NYC in Astoria, Queens.

Go Around the World in 80 Minutes on an Astoria Food Walk
  • Susan Birnbaum is a native New Yorker and travel consultant
  • Try a smorgasbord of ethnic specialties, ending at the Bohemian Beer Hall
  • Learn fun facts about the neighborhood at several historic stops

Named for one of the richest men in city history, Astoria today is a living monument to the rich cultures of its immigrant population As you explore its restaurants, cafes and food shops, partake in an international feast of four continents. Try Middle Eastern pastry, Italian gelato, Greek spanakopita, Colombian sweetbread and Brazilian, Chilean and Asian specialties. As you nosh and walk, learn the history of the neighborhood as a cultural and historic mecca.

Susan Birnbaum believes that NYC is the most exciting city in the world, where adventures await at every turn. After leaving social work to become a full-time travel consultant, Susan combined her passion and people skills to create one-of-a-kind local adventures. When walking the streets with Susan, expect to discover the beauty amidst the hustle and bustle and find the little known treasures that make New York unique—all from her New Yorker's view of the city.


Meet the Host

Susan Birnbaum - NYC Sightseeing Expert

Susan Birnbaum

NYC Sightseeing Expert

After many years of working with people as a social worker, Susan Birnbaum reinvented herself and redirected her people skills to become a New York City travel consultant and licensed sightseeing guide. She now has the opportunity to do her favorite things—meet new people, both natives and...

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