Learn to Make Delicious Homemade Chinese Dumplings

Immerse yourself in the culinary history of the Chinese dumpling before making dinner from scratch.

Learn to Make Delicious Homemade Chinese Dumplings
  • Sean Froedtert is sous-chef at KitchenNYC and former chef of BOBO
  • Learn how to make three kinds of Chinese dumplings
  • Make your own from start to finish before sitting down to a doughy meal

Our team’s pretty split on what to get when we order-in Chinese food. Some of us insist on pork fried rice, while others opt for chicken with cashews and the vegetarians duke it out with both. But there is one thing we all agree on sharing: dumplings. When it comes to the luscious pockets of lightly fried dough, the Chinese do it right.

That’s exactly why Sean Froedtert, sous-chef at KitchenNYC and Eton Chan dumpling apprentice, is excited to teach you about the history and techniques of traditional Chinese dumplings. Despite how easy it is to order the doughy delights from restaurants, making dumplings at home is not at all complicated and the results are exponentially delicious.

Discover the art of the Chinese dumpling in a hands-on lesson from Sean at his Jersey City apartment. Step into his kitchen to experiment with three kinds of fillings (pork, chicken and vegetable) while you master the technique of creating your own dough and frying up delicious dumplings. Afterwards, sit down with Sean to share a family-style dumpling feast that threatens to challenge your view of dumplings as just an order-in appetizer…in the best possible way.


Meet the Host

Sean Froedtert - The Dumpling King

Sean Froedtert

The Dumpling King

Sean Froedtert is responsible for tempting his off-duty co-workers into the kitchen on days when he makes his dumplings. He learned the art of noodles and dumplings from Eton Chan as a hobby, and quickly became the resident dumpling man for the restaurant kitchens he’s worked in.


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