Make Your Own Unique and Delicious Liquor Infusions

Learn to infuse your booze with a range of fresh, exciting ingredients that will enhance cocktails and make great gifts.

Make Your Own Unique and Delicious Liquor Infusions
  • Leah Wilcox is a chef, caterer and owner of Babycakes gourmet pancakes
  • Taste a range of infusions before making your own with fruit, candy and spices
  • Bring your own bottle (vodka or rum) and leave with an infusion-in-progress

An infusion of fresh flavor can kick any cocktail up a notch, and do wonders for the status of your home bar. Homemade infusions are cheaper and better than the store-bought stuff, and incredibly simple to make. In this intimate demo, whet your palate by tasting a variety of infusions, alone and mixed into cocktails, along with some light appetizers. Then, learn to create them yourself using fresh ingredients, candy and spices (possible recipes include fresh pineapple tequila, gummy worm vodka, peach bourbon, spicy jalapeno vodka and more). Bring a bottle of your own creation home in a decorative glass bottle, which will be ready to pour in under a week.

Leah Wilcox has a lifelong passion for cooking and entertaining. She is best known around Chicago by her red roving food truck, Babycakes, from which she doles out delicious gourmet pancakes by the stack. When not flipping pancakes, she loves mixing cocktails, baking and grilling, and sharing her culinary insights on her popular food blog. Recent posts include her adventures infusing vodka with skittles, spicy olives and candy corn (not at the same time).

Please bring a 750ml bottle of vodka or rum to make your own infusion. Ingredients for infusions and a decorative glass bottle are included.


Meet the Host

Leah Wilcox - Chef, Caterer and Food Blogger

Leah Wilcox

Chef, Caterer and Food Blogger

Leah Wilcox is a chef and owner of Babycakes gourmet pancake truck and catering company. When not driving her famous pancakes around Chicago, she is driven by two passions: cooking and entertaining. She chronicles her original recipes, killer parties and culinary adventures on her popular food...

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