Master the Flavor Profiles and Pairing Potential of Belgian Beers

Decipher the many beer styles of Belgium and their complex tastes and traditions with a certified beer sommelier.

Master the Flavor Profiles and Pairing Potential of Belgian Beers
  • Dylan Stewart is a Certified Cicerone and Belgian beer aficionado
  • Taste and discuss seven different beers representing the major Belgian styles
  • Learn about how each beer is produced, the history behind them and how to pair them

Belgium has a long and proud history as the home of the original beer nerd. Centuries ago, Belgians began brewing beer in monasteries, where artisanal methods were closely supervised and perfected over hundreds of years. Today, you could say Belgian beer is a religion of its own—filled with traditions and complexities that are revered around the world.

Dylan Stewart was working at a beer hall in Dallas when he tasted his first Duchess de Bourgogne, a Belgian beer that would change his life. At that moment, he realized that beer could be much more than yellow fizz, and it became his passion to learn all he could about it and bring that same “aha” moment to others. In 2012, Dylan moved to Chicago and received his Cicero Certification, a top industry credential for serving and pairing beer. In other words, he’s a card-carrying beer nerd.

Join Dylan for a Belgian beer tasting experience, where he’ll provide seven beers that represent the major Belgian styles: strong golden ales, strong dark ales or Trappist ales, wits, lambics, saison, Flemish/sour ales and specialty ales. He’ll help you demystify the complicated tastes and flavor profiles, explain the specific means of producing each beer and the history behind them. He’ll also explain the Belgian tradition of cuisine de biere, which uses beer as a cooking ingredient, and specific pairings that accompany each beer style. You’ll learn what makes these complex beers accessible, and perhaps have an “aha” moment of your own.


Meet the Host

Dylan Stewart - Certified Beer Cicerone

Dylan Stewart

Certified Beer Cicerone

Dylan Stewart is a beer aficionado who found fate while training at a restaurant in Dallas called the Meddlesome Moth, an institution created to be the most extensive beer Mecca in Texas. After one sip of Belgian beer, the Dallas native and Alabama School of Fine Arts graduate focused his...

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