See, Shoot, and Capture Chinatown Through Your Camera Lens

Discover how a photographer takes in the world around them during a hands-on photo walk through Chinatown.

See, Shoot, and Capture Chinatown Through Your Camera Lens
  • Judith Farber is a professional documentary and travel photographer
  • Learn how to frame the perfect shot, even in a dynamic environment
  • Walk the streets for inspiration and have your images critiqued by Judith

In these days of Instagram and instant upload, it seems like everyone’s new title is “photographer.” But even in this new wave of photography, we think there’s a lot more to snapping an awe-inspiring shot than just clicking a button and choosing the best retro filter.

Judith Farber comes from a different era of photography and has the tips and tricks of the trade to prove it. She’s a master at framing the perfect shot and capturing things that an untrained pair of eyes could easily miss.

Immerse yourself in the streets of Chinatown’s stimulating cultural energy while you learn how to spot and shoot great subjects. Study movement and light, and practice your technique as Judith guides you through the diverse moments that define this New York neighborhood. Throughout the experience, she’ll critique your photos and give you pointers on how to improve. As someone who’s dedicated her life to “the art of seeing,” we can almost guarantee that you’ll walk away with a few epic and frame-worthy pics.


Meet the Host

Judith Farber - Travel/Documentary Photography

Judith Farber

Travel/Documentary Photography

Judith Farber’s photography journey began at her first workshop taken with Ansel Adams and Yousuf Karsh. It was there that her style of documentary photography was born. Since then, she’s worked as a photojournalist for various newspapers in California and NY, has had photos credited in magazines...

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