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Sit Down for a Multi-Course Meal of Artisanal Pies at Magpie

Enjoy a one-of-a-kind dinner of savory and sweet seasonal pies with the owner of Philly’s new pie shop.

Sit Down for a Multi-Course Meal of Artisanal Pies at Magpie
  • Holly Ricciardi is the owner and head baker at Magpie
  • Have an intimate meal at Magpie as Holly explains the inspiration for her recipes
  • Enjoy a special menu of a slice of savory pie and three sweet pies

According to ancient lore, the intelligent bird known as the magpie was thought to help wizards carry out their magic. It’s a fitting name for the new cafe where buttery homemade crusts are filled with local, organic ingredients and baked into pies of supernatural deliciousness.

Competitive baking was considered a sport in Holly Ricciardi’s childhood Pennsylvania home. With a mother, grandmother and three sisters who all baked, there was a lot of pressure to turn out beautiful, delicious creations. Today, the culinary school grad is bringing that same competitive spirit to Magpie, where she aims to wow with every single slice.

Meet Holly at Magpie for an evening of pure pie enjoyment. Have the dining area all to yourself as Holly serves a handpicked menu showcasing four of her pies, explaining the inspiration behind each. Start with a savory, such as her creamy chicken tarragon pie or croque monsieur, served with a side of pickled vegetables. As things start to slide sweeter, you may indulge in a slice of her salted chocolate meringue, sour cherry almond or her famous butterscotch bourbon custard pie, inspired by her grandmother and topped with freshly whipped cream. Toast each slice with some homemade drinks as you marvel at Hollie’s modern-day wizardry.


Meet the Host

Holly Ricciardi - Owner, Magpie

Holly Ricciardi

Owner, Magpie

Former Philadelphia advertising executive Holly Ricciardi left the design world with a mission: to bring back the art of pie-making and, in doing so, bring happiness to others via pie. She recently unveiled Magpie Artisan Pie Bakery & Boutique, where she does just that, crafting...

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