Taste a Collection of Single Origin Coffees from Around the World

Enjoy coffee from all key-producing origins while deconstructing the tasting notes and developing your palate.

Taste a Collection of Single Origin Coffees from Around the World
  • Urban Eisley is a professional barista and coffee curator at PORTS
  • Interact with coffee beans at various stages in the roasting process
  • Blind taste test different coffees similarly to how you’d taste wines

As New Yorkers, coffee is the lifeblood that keeps many of us firing on all cylinders for much of the week. But drinking cup after cup of our favorite dark roast hardly makes us connoisseurs in its rich complexities and nuances.

As a professional barista and manager at PORTS Coffee & Tea, Urban Eisley knows all about the flavor profiles in a cup of ‘jo. He has an exceptional palate for single origin brews and has spent significant time honing his coffee-curating skills. He’s also been a regular competitive participant in the specialty coffee world for over 8 years.

Immerse yourself in the world of single origin coffee on a tour of its origins, roasting techniques, and preparation methods. Learn about the factors that affect the aroma and taste of coffee, how blends and single origins differ, and the steps involved from picking a bean to brewing a cup. During a blind tasting of coffees from around the globe, discover how to describe the smells and tastes in your ideal cup, how to order it, and whether you prefer French Press, pour-over, or Aeropress.

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Meet the Host

Urban Eisley - Professional Barista

Urban Eisley

Professional Barista

Urban Eisley developed his love for coffee away from the Big Apple in Philadelphia and moved to New York City to pursue his passion for his favorite beverage. As a professional barista and the manager of PORTS Coffee & Tea, Urban spends much of his time keeping up on the latest coffee trends,...

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