Trace the History of NYC’s Diverse Public Art and Architecture

Walk the streets to see the evolution of NYC’s public art before finishing with a drink at Abraham Lincoln’s old bar.

Trace the History of NYC’s Diverse Public Art and Architecture
  • Sascha Mombartz is an NYC design expert and artist
  • Learn about the different public art that’s shaped NYC’s neighborhoods
  • Visit over 20 “hidden” sites spanning from the 1970s to present day

Everywhere you go in NYC, you’re surrounded by historical and cultural relevance. But how much do you know about the places you go that don’t have a plaque announcing their significance? There are literally thousands of locations like this all over NYC, and most of us walk past them every day without ever giving them a second look.

Sascha Mombartz is a Cooper Union graduated artist and NYC designer who’s obsessed with finding the public works of art that have made a huge difference in how New York has grown and changed throughout the decades.

Immerse yourself in the rich history of New York’s neighborhoods on this public art tour. Sascha starts in SoHo and delves deep into the “hidden” side of this very trafficked part of the city, including offering snippets about the architecture that towers above us. Journey from the 1970s through present day, and discuss the history and influences of the public art on some of the city’s most obvious street corners.


Meet the Host

Sascha Mombartz - Sculptor, Design Expert

Sascha Mombartz

Sculptor, Design Expert

Born in Malta and raised all over the world in places like Ethiopia, Thailand, Germany, and Egypt, Sascha Mombartz came to New York to study art and design at Cooper Union. While he was in school, he quickly fell in love with New York’s deep and rich art and architectural history and took it upon...

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