Track the History of DC’s Dramatic Urban Architecture

View the contrast of classical and modern as you visit the most impressive interiors and exteriors in the city.

Track the History of DC’s Dramatic Urban Architecture
  • Bill Lebovich is a DC architecture expert and photographer
  • Take in the beauty and history of buildings from Pennsylvania Ave to Chinatown
  • Cross-examine 200 years of politics and culture in the urban architecture of DC

It’s the same path that the British took 99 years ago after they burned down the Capitol Building and were on their way to the do the same to the White House. Today, the fated stretch of Pennsylvania Ave is the heart of the clash between classical and modern architecture in museums and memorials.

As an architectural historian and photographer, Bill Lebovich knows the best stories and the best viewing angles of all the great buildings in Washington DC. When he worked for the National Register, Bill helped set the documenting standards for the Historic American Buildings Survey. His archival architectural photography is in the Library of Congress.

Meet Bill on Pennsylvania Ave to wind through the streets as he points out the constant contrast of old and new in DC urban design. Visit the late 19th-century retail heart of Washington, recently restored to become the tourist and sports hub of the city. See what Bill considers the second most dramatic interior in the city, complete with floating staircases. Contrast this with funky Chinatown and the Mary Surratt boarding house where Lincoln’s assassins plotted. The journey culminates at the most impressive Civil War memorials in the country. See why Bill calls it the number-one most dramatic interior in the city.


Meet the Host

Bill Lebovich - Architectural Historian

Bill Lebovich

Architectural Historian

Bill Lebovich is an architectural historian and large-format architectural photographer. He has worked on the National Park Service’s National Register, the Historical American Buildings Survey program, and testified on behalf of the Secretary of the Interior.

Independently, Bill has evaluated...

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