Unearth Gay and Lesbian History in Central Park

Discover landmarks and statues immortalizing the influence of gay culture in the world’s greatest municipal playground.

Unearth Gay and Lesbian History in Central Park
  • David Cobb Craig is a journalist and former guide for Central Park Conservancy
  • Walk through the park as David reveals the hidden history behind iconic landmarks
  • Find statues, structures and sites that were made (or made famous) by gay Americans

The notorious Central Park Whispering Bench got its name from a story involving Oscar Wilde’s boyfriend. The beloved Hans Christian Andersen statue featuring The Ugly Duckling is a fitting tribute to a man bound by society’s strictures. And the stunning angelic centerpiece of the Bethesda Terrace was modeled on the sculptress’s girlfriend. This is just the tip of the iceberg on a treasure map of Central Park that represent the struggles, the triumphs and the enduring contributions of gays and lesbians in America.

David Cobb Craig has lived in New York City for over 30 years and has never lost his fascination with its culture and history. A writer and journalist, Craig has worked as a guide for Central Park Conservancy and as a grant writer for the Museum of the City of New York. In other words, he knows the city through both professional and personal experience, and has a journalist’s eye for a great story.

Walk with David on an eye-opening journey through Central Park, while he describes the background, secrets and anecdotes of the many locations significant to gay history. Learn how the Whispering Bench got its name, how the Ramble earned its reputation and how the legendary landscape of Strawberry Fields was designed. Discover world-famous landmarks that have hidden stories as well as relatively unknown sites that are iconic in the gay community. Throughout the experience, David peppers the conversation with the history of Central Park from inception through design, providing facts and figures that weave a fascinating historical path from centuries ago to present day.

Photo credit: Francisco Diez


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David Cobb Craig - Journalist, NYC Expert

David Cobb Craig

Journalist, NYC Expert

Originally from Louisiana, it’s safe to say David Cobb Craig knows more about New York City than most. In his 30 years of city living, David served as a guide for Central Park Conservancy, mastering the vast landscape and intricate history of its meadows and monuments. He also worked as a grant...

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