Unlock Hidden Treasures of Midtown East

Discover little-known New York City oases with an expert on urban hideaways.

Unlock Hidden Treasures of Midtown East
  • Host Teri Tynes is the author of the award-winning blog, Walking Off the Big Apple
  • Embark on a guided walking tour of urban retreats in the east 40s and 50s of Manhattan
  • Discover unheralded quiet spaces that provide inspiration, relaxation, and more

Ever crave a moment of bliss in the concrete jungle? Wonder how you can get it without spending half a day on the subway, sitting in traffic, or shelling out half a paycheck for a day at the spa?

Look no further than Teri Tynes. The creator of the award-winning blog Walking Off the Big Apple has uncovered hundreds of little-known hideaways in New York City, and she’ll show you how to reach more than half a dozen of them during this SideTour. You’ll meet Teri in the east 50s. From there, you’ll explore more than two miles of a Manhattan you’ve likely never seen before, strolling through gardens, hotels, plazas and public spaces. Along the way, you’ll learn about the history of Midtown East’s architecture and culture — Teri’s got the inside scoop on how stars like Audrey Hepburn, Greta Garbo, and Katharine Hepburn shaped the neighborhood.

You’ll leave with an enriched sense of what Manhattan has to offer, and knowledge of how to savor spots secret to so many in the city.


Meet the Host

Teri Tynes - Founder, Walking Off the Big Apple

Teri Tynes

Founder, Walking Off the Big Apple

Teri Tynes founded Walking Of the Big Apple in 2007, a Webby award-winning site dedicated to self-guided walking tours of New York and unheralded bits of city culture. She has written about art for ArtPapers, the Dallas Morning News and other publications, and has taught college courses on modern...

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