Work with a Culinary Prodigy in a State-of-the-Art Kitchen

Get the opportunity to create a perfectly balanced start-to-finish meal, complete with wine and sauces.

Work with a Culinary Prodigy in a State-of-the-Art Kitchen
  • Andy worked in the kitchen of Chez Panisse before he was 21
  • Create a full meal with Andy while enjoying some wine
  • Hone your own basic kitchen and knife skills before sitting down to eat

There’s indescribable beauty in watching someone who knows exactly what they’re doing articulate a craft seamlessly. Whether it’s an athlete rounding the bases, an artist putting the finishing touches on a painting or, in this case, a skilled chef perfectly combining techniques and ingredients to create a delicious, balanced meal.

Enter Andy Baraghani. A former Michelin-starred restaurant apprentice, Andy’s taken on some of the biggest cooking hurdles and tackled them with ease. For example, he once went on an all out quest to master Bengali food (something he’d never made before) at the request of a client. After a short bout of research, he ended up wowing the attendees with the authenticity and flavors in his food. Point blank: Andy knows what he’s doing in the kitchen. Now, he’s sharing his passion with you at this totally hands-on experience.

Grab a glass of wine and get ready to witness greatness when you meet Andy at Saveur Magazine's stunning, world-class test kitchen. You’ll spend some time practicing simple knife skills under Andy’s watchful and instructive eye before heading to the stove to cook up an amazing meal. (And don’t forget to ask a lot of questions - Andy’s been known to pull a few unique cooking tricks out of his hat.) After everything’s had time to simmer and sizzle, pull a chair up to the table to enjoy your mouth-watering creations.

The minimum number of bookings for this SideTour to take place is 4 spots.


Meet the Host

Andy Baraghani - Culinary Prodigy

Andy Baraghani

Culinary Prodigy

As a first generation American, I first fell in love with cooking while watching my mother prepare traditional Persian cuisine at our home in the San Francisco Bay Area -- observing as she conjured dishes to feed the endless stream of relatives and family friends that flowed through our home. My...

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