Become a SideTour Host.

Create your own unique and authentic experience.

Whether your passion is cooking, art, music, sports or even something a little more obscure, creating a SideTour experience provides people with a new way to explore their own city.

  • Hosting experiences is a great way to make extra money.
  • Share your talents and passion with others.
  • Build a personal network of supporters and customers.
Become a SideTour Host

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  • Earn money doing what you love


    Sharing your expertise with others is not only fun and rewarding, it's a great way to build a side business.

  • Powerful and easy to use


    SideTour offers tons of features, like credit card checkout, analytics, and guest messaging.

  • Delight people


    The details and the setting are completely up to you. Create an experience that’s unforgettable.

How it Works

  1. Click Get Started and fill out the quick and easy form.

  2. We’ll review your experience and help you make it great.

  3. Then decide when and where you’d like to host the experience.

  4. We’ll post the listing and you can start promoting your SideTour.

Watch this video to find out more about
Chef Elise and her SideTour.

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Still have questions about hosting an experience?

  • Who can host experiences on SideTour?

    Our hosts and customers come from all walks of life. They are artists, actors, chefs, educators, students, explorers, philosophers, shoppers, collectors, talkers, walkers, runners and rock climbers. SideTour was founded on the belief that everyone has something interesting and exciting to share with the SideTour community.

  • What is SideTour’s transaction fee?

    Listing an experience on SideTour is absolutely free! Each time a someone books a spot on your experience, SideTour will collect a 30% transaction fee. Just keep that in mind when you decide what to charge.

  • How do I decide price my experience?

    Pricing for experiences on SideTour range from free/donation-based to hundreds of dollars. A good starting point is to think about the cost of any materials (e.g., food/drinks, paint, etc.) or equipment you need for the experience, the cost of your time and effort, and the nature of the experience.

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