Bambi Ghosh

Chicago, IL


Bambi Ghosh

Vegetarian/Ayurvedic Chef

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Bambi Ghosh got a firm foundation in the principles of Ayurvedic cooking when she served as a sous chef for father and grandmother as a child growing up in Calcutta, India. After obtaining her MBA and working for one of India’s biggest oil companies, she embarked on an American adventure with her husband.

The pair settled in Chicago, where Bambi found work as an administrator at the University of Chicago, but the kitchen called. She dove into a self-taught journey, digging deep to her childhood roots for inspiration. Since then, she’s been sharing her culinary passions with fellow Chicagoans in her Hyde Park kitchen and in church kitchens around the city. She’s inspired many like-minded chefs on their own culinary journeys with her focus on Ayurvedic principles and the use of organic, non-GMO foods.

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