Debbie McClain

New York, NY


Debbie McClain

Owner of Sankofa Aban Bed & Breakfast

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Even though Debbie McClain has a piano background and was raised to enjoy jazz by family members, she didn’t exactly set out to own a neighborhood jazz spot. A salon owner and stylist by trade, her grandparent's brownstone fell into her lap after her uncle (the property caretaker) passed away and the discovery that professional financial scam artist had abused the property was uncovered.

Before Debbie regained ownership, she became the new caretaker and decided she needed to wash away the bad energy tied up in the fibers of the 19th century building. Looking to her passion for music and community, she couldn’t think of a better way to rid the property of negativity than to open up the brownstone to people with a love of music and start with a "back in the day" jazz night on Fridays.

Continuing with the past history of the neighborhood, a group of locals, jazz, and Broadway greats (think Blue Note recording artist James Spaulding, trombonist and euphonist Kiane Zawadi, singer Keisha St. James, and actress/singer Boncella Lewis) have been known to gather and connect over music in a tradition that's diminished, but clearly not lost with weekly concerts in the room that still lives.

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