Denise Valentine

Philadelphia, PA


Denise Valentine

Storyteller and Historian

About this Host

Denise Valentine is a professional storyteller and teaching folk artist who has been telling stories at schools, libraries and museums since 1997. She began specializing in historical stories in 2005 when she worked for Historic Philadelphia’s Once Upon A Nation. Currently, she presents first-person historical performances and serves as a programming consultant for area historical institutions.

Denise is a member of Keepers of the Culture, Philadelphia’s Afrocentric storytelling group, as well as the National Association of Black Storytellers and National Storytelling Network. She is active in many state and local arts and education groups including the Philadelphia Arts in Education Partnership. With an award from the Heritage Philadelphia Program of The Pew Center for Arts and Heritage, Denise developed an interactive workshop called "History/MyStory/OurStory" for educators and museum professionals.