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Software Engineer

Software Engineer

We're looking for an experienced full-stack Rails developer who loves pair programming and TDD. Our engineering team works very closely with the rest of the company to come up with ideas and make them real. Our ideal candidate loves their craft and wants to be a contributor to our company, not just a heads-down coder. You'll be working with a year-old, well-maintained, modern, object-oriented Rails 3 app with better than 1:1 test coverage. You'll be pairing. You'll be writing HTML, CSS, and Javascript. You'll be doing some devops. Most importantly, you'll be helping to define the product.

  • Great Attitude and Personality

    We look forward to seeing each other every day. So most importantly, you should be fun and easy to work with, a great communicator and generally awesome to be around.

  • Technical Skills

    You should be proficient with Ruby, Rails, Coffeescript (or Javascript), HTML, LESS (or SASS/CSS). You should be at least comfortable with the command line, PostgreSQL or something similar, deploying, monitoring, and maintaining Rails apps (we use Heroku, New Relic). We expect you to be proficient with your text editor of choice.

  • How We Work

    You need to be either proficient with or smart and eager to learn behavior-driven development / test-driven development. We use Cucumber and RSpec, but we don't care what your integration vegetable of choice is, if you use Test::Unit, or have only done BDD in another language.

    If you don't have a lot of experience with BDD/TDD, but you are eager to learn and you are a solid programmer, this won't be a problem. We love teaching as much as we love learning. We think pairing is a great way for everyone to do both constantly.

  • The Interview

    We don't care about your college degree or the number of years you've been writing code in our particular language. Your technical interview will be a set of in-person pair programming sessions with our team in New York where you will show what you know about test-driven development and producing high-quality, working code.

    The only people you will ever have to work with at SideTour are people who can pass this test. This means that once you join, you will never have to work with someone who you don't like to pair with.

  • About SideTour

    Our engineering culture is focused on getting things done while improving our craft. We learn from each other constantly, and we never skirt best practices in order to meet arbitrary deadlines. We work sustainable hours for a startup, because happiness is an important value for us. Compensation is competitive with other funded startups. You will have a stake in owning the business. We provide health insurance and some other basic benefits. Every new SideTour has a "SideTour spot" where an employee can go for free and evaluate the experience. It's an awesome perk.

    We will do a lot of pair programming – 100% at first, and then once you feel comfortable, you'll be pairing whenever it makes sense. For us, that works out to pairing about 75% of the time. We are serious about test-driven development, continuous integration, agile methodologies. We do them because we love them, not because some manager or agile consultant is forcing us to.

    You will not have quiet working conditions. You will be working with other people constantly. We hope you find that exciting. As engineers, we work especially close with one another. You will become a better programmer for working with our team, and we will each become better programmers thanks to your contribution and knowledge.

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