Meet Our Team

  • Vipin Goyal

    CEO, Co-Founder

    Vipin is responsible for keeping the lights on at SideTour. At one point he used to have a life outside of work. However, he abandoned all of that in pursuit of helping others enjoy a world of experiences.

  • Brian Cotlove

    Host Development

    Brian is helping SideTour grow by finding the most unique and creative people around the world to host experiences. He was so captivated by what SideTour is doing that he gave up a life drinking wine in the south of France to join the team.

  • Lee Edwards


    Lee is in charge of telling our computers what to do so that you can discover and book SideTours on your computer. He used to build robots for the military, and has never, ever, used that line to impress a date.

  • Rachel Goldberg


    Rachel puts the awesomeness of SideTour experiences into words, and sometimes dabbles in host dev to find said awesome experiences. She is a devout peanut butter consumer and was voted 'Funniest Girl' in high school, which is an accolade she is apparently still desperately clinging to.

  • Minesh Mistry

    Co-Founder, Ops

    Minesh handles business operations and finance for the company, which means he has the final say on all purchases. The rest of the team has learned he doesn’t consider desktop organizers or coat racks necessary expenses.

  • Suri Ratnatunga

    Community Staff

    Suri basically gets to hang out with the most awesome people in New York. When she’s not meeting you on a SideTour or shooting you an email, she’s making obscure references to comic books or enjoying a well-crafted cocktail.

  • Mark Webster

    Co-Founder, Product

    Mark (or just, Webster) is in charge of stepping up our product game and making sure people like using SideTour. He has lived in New York City since the mid-90’s, and is fairly confident he can drink you under the table.

  • Scott Werner


    Scott is part of the team making all the new SideTour website features a reality. He left Pittsburgh for New York and SideTour, but still plans on wearing his Evgeni Malkin jersey when the Rangers or Islanders play the Pens.

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